Business Boost

You’ve likely got a good handle on your marketing strategy and are seeing positive results from your chosen marketing activities. Although, you’re looking for additional support around;

  • an event or workshop

  • product/service launch

  • seasonal promotion

  • set up and implement a new marketing activity

or to simply help take things to the next level and give your business an added boost. This package is heavily focused on return on investment. We’ll understand what your needs are, set specific goals and action a campaign to reach this.

Package price will depend on your goals and the level of services and support needed to reach the agreed goals. Schedule a call to get your package quote.

What’s included

  • Marketing audit questionnaire

  • Kickoff meeting

  • Project plan

  • Execution and management of marketing activities

  • Project report

  • Weekly call update

Additional features (£)

  • Ongoing monthly support

Perfect for: small to medium businesses, lifestyle businesses, housebuilders

from £740