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Helping you take control of your marketing…

to grow your client base and achieve your business goals. We combine our marketing industry expertise, global brand experience and a genuine care for our clients, to tell stories to maximise exposure and deliver impactful results.

Our Mission

To help businesses take control of their marketing efforts to see a return on their investment, win new business and achieve their business goals 


Our clients

We work with small business as their external marketing partner becoming an extension of their team as well as marketing teams within larger brands on a project by project basis.

Kickstart - Lauren Bennett

Marketing doesn’t work…

"I have heard this a lot but what I’ve come to recognise is that those who make this statement haven’t got a strategy in place and marketing will not deliver results without a strategy. Tactics, such as creating content for social channels, video, delivering webinars, etc are not worth doing without a strategy in place. It will unlikely produce much for those who jump blindly into tactic because it’s a new shiny thing or because that’s what competitors are doing. With a strategy aligned to the business objectives, marketing has and will always be the best business investment.”

— Lauren Bennett, Founder + Director

Lauren Bennett Marketing

Lauren Bennett

Founder and Marketing Strategist.

Evoke Media is the result of a perfect storm that happened in early 2018. After a decade of pursuing an ambitious career in marketing and communications in the UK and Canada, I found myself considering career options following the liquidation of my employer. It was the push I needed after toying with setting up on my own for years. I’m all about strategy, results and integrity. For many businesses, marketing strategy isn’t as high up on the priority list as it should be - and that’s where Evoke Media can make all the difference. Outside of work, I’m a wannabe chef, full-time Mary Poppins to my children and an avid snowboarder - I have a goal to spend my winters based in the Alps.